Psychonomics 2014

Come see some of the ongoing work in our lab at the Psychonomic Society Annual Meeting in Long Beach, CA! Click the links to download our posters.

Abbott, Angele, Ahn, & Rayner (Friday Noon-1:30, Poster 2134). Skipping Syntactically Illegal “The” Previews—The Role of Predictability.

Plummer, Abbott, & Rayner (Friday Noon-1:30, Poster 2132). Predicting Individual Differences in the Perceptual Span and Eye Movement Behavior During Reading.

Bélanger, Schotter, & Rayner (Saturday Noon-1:30, Poster 4180). Young Deaf Readers’ Word Processing Efficiency.

Schotter (Saturday 2:10-2:25, “Reading” Spoken Session). Toward a New Theory of Reading: Independent and Joint Effects of Context, Parafoveal Preview, and Foveal Information