Keith Rayner Eye Movements in Reading Data Collection

We’ve been working hard over the past few months with the UCSD Library Data Curation team to put together an open data collection that reflects the contributions of the UCSD Rayner Lab to reading research. The collection itself can be found here: From the landing page:

This collection consists of eye movement data from published studies conducted in Keith Rayner’s Eyetracking Lab in the Department of Psychology at UCSD. The collection does not represent one project, but rather a snapshot of the work produced by Rayner’s highly productive lab from his arrival at UCSD in 2008 until he passed away in 2015. During this time, Rayner published more than 130 papers with collaborators at UCSD and around the world. Included in this collection are data and materials from 29 studies that were conducted in-house, and so the collection reflects the subset of work carried out primarily by Rayner’s graduate students, post-docs, and research assistants at UCSD.

The collection is roughly half complete right now — data from the second wave of studies will be available soon.